Microfibre Cleaning Cloth for your van

Any cloth will do, right? No. That is definitely not the mindset you want when it comes to cleaning your van. Cleaning your van has a lot more to it than just the typical sponge and soapy water. Your van needs proper specially designed products. One especially being a microfibre cleaning cloth. Microfibre Cleaning Cloth are cloths made from very small fibres. These fibres can easily pick up any dirt or dust that there may be on or inside your van. They are also extremely absorbent and dry very quickly, meaning that they will barely leave any sort of mark behind. 




Why should I choose a microfibre cloth to clean my van?

Microfibre cloths are commonly used by most, if not all, car detailers. This is because they are great from removing things such as wax from the paintwork, dust, and also bacteria. Microfibre cloths are also perfect for cleaning the interior, any glass, and also any places you may want to dry afterwards. 


Another reason as to why you should choose microfibre cloths to clean your van is because they are not abrasive on any of the delicate surfaces on your van. This is because of the tiny size of the fibres on the cloth which make them super soft.


You will also find that microfibre cloths are amazing at absorbing. This is because of the thousands little fibres which absorb any liquid in order to remove it from the surface of your van. However, it doesn’t stop there! Microfibre cloths also dry really quickly, which helps prevent the cloth from becoming unsanitary. 


There are also different kinds of textures when it comes to microfibre cloths. These include flat weave microfibre cloths which are great for cleaning any mirrors and windows. The thick and soft weave microfibre cloths which are perfect for removing any dust. Then the soft (with no weave) microfibre cloths, which are ideal for cleaning any electronics that may be in your van (e.g. the radio) 


Top Tips 

Surely all microfibre cloths are the same, right? Well no, not necessarily. There are many different factors that cause microfibre cloths to differ. This includes things such as the microfibre quality, the GSM ( grams per square metre). When it comes to purchasing the microfibre cloth, there are definitely a few things you will want to keep in mind. The first thing that you will want to check, is how well does the cloth dry? This is definitely a major one, as you certainly wouldn’t want to waste money on a microfibre cloth that barely dries. The next thing you will want to keep in mind is, how well does the cloth pick up dust/dirt? A microfibre cloth that doesn’t do that would be pretty useless, and also a waste of money.  The final thing you will want to keep an eye out for when it comes to purchasing a microfibre cloth, how long will it last? It would be an absolute nightmare if you had to keep purchasing and spending money continuously on microfibre cloths because they do not last very long. If your microfibre cloth passes all of these questions, then you will know that it is of a very high quality. 


What we offer here at Wildworx Customs

Here at Wildworx Customs we offer an amazing high quality Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, that is perfect for cleaning your van! They are great for removing, buffing, and also polishing. They are made with Premium 840GSM, and are great at absorbing water. This specific type of microfibre cloth will not scratch any paint on your van, and can be used on multiple different surfaces such as mirrors and windows. They also have different colours on each side, just to make it that little bit easier to remember what side has what on it. 


When it comes to the water absorption, the microfibre cloth will quickly absorb any liquid, and dries very quickly. It is also amazing at effectively and efficiently catching any dust or bacteria particles that there may be. It is very long lasting due to it’s high strength and toughness! When an ordinary cloth is used to clean a van surface, any dust or dirt it picks up is directly absorbed into the fibre and it very difficult to remove. However, with this microfibre cloth, any of the dust or dirt that is absorbed into the fibres can easily be removed with just water.


When it comes to actually using the microfibre cloth, all you have to do is spray the cleaning product on the area you want and then wipe it with the microfibre cloth. They are also reusable, which is another great way to save money! You can purchase the microfibre cloth from us here at Wildworx Customs for just £10.40 





Well, you will be glad to know that microfibre cloths do not cost that much at all. They are extremely affordable and very efficient. On average, microfibre cloths can last up to 5 years if they are washed up to 25x a year. So, if you look after your microfibre cloth properly, you will save yourself quite a fair amount of money overall. 


Why should I clean my microfibre cloth?

It is so important to ensure that your Microfibre Cleaning Cloth is continuously cleaned. In fact, your microfibre should be cleaned after every single use. Even though it may be quite tempting to just leave it to dry and then use it again next time you clean your van, you should definitely avoid doing this. This may result in a risk of contamination which may cause swirls, or something else that may become very difficult to remove. Yes, you may not be the one who enjoys doing the laundry, but you should always stay on top of cleaning your microfibre cloths. 


What mistakes do people make when it comes to cleaning their van?

It is so easy to make mistakes. Whether they are big ones, or small ones. We still want to avoid as many as possible. So, what’s the best way to do it? Learn from others! With all the information that we are going to provide you with, this will be insanely easy to achieve. All you have to do is read and remember. 


First up on our list of mistakes people make when it comes to cleaning their van, is that it is very common for people to use dishwasher soap. This is a big NO! You really want to avoid doing this. This is because dishwasher soap is designed to remove grease from any food stains. If you use this on your van, it will remove your protective wax coating. You will also find that most dishwasher soaps are not pH balanced, resulting in damage to your clear coat. To overcome this, all you have to do is purchase a reliable automotive soap. You can find out more on what are the best car cleaning products.


Next up on our list of mistakes, is when people use their old t-shirts to clean. This is a major mistake you really will want to avoid. Old t-shirts are the worst to clean your vans with, as they can cause numerous different issues. One of these is that if the old t-shirt has a sort of printing on it, it can actually act as sandpaper and damage your van surface majorly. You will also want to avoid using a sponge as much as possible, as it can potentially damage the paint on your van. Want to know how to avoid making this mistake? Well, this is where microfibre cloths come into the scene! They are the best thing to use when it comes to cleaning any surface on your van. 


The third common mistake we have on our list, is all to do with the way you clean. It is not as simple it seems. You really want to avoid just picking a random place to start. Instead, we strongly suggest that you should clean your wheels first and then go from the top to the bottom. However, you should always have 2 different microfibre cloths for cleaning as the rim dust is actually very acidic and also gritty. Paper towels are definitely a no go as well, as they can scratch the clear coat. Another thing when it comes to the way you clean, is that we highly recommend that you avoid cleaning in a swirling motion as it will actually make scratches more noticeable. Instead, you should just pick one direction and stick to it! 


Our fourth mistake is that you should never neglect your seats. It may seem like it is sufficient to just vacuum your seats, and then you are done. But, this is definitely not the case. You should always pay great attention to your seats in your car. We highly recommend the Koch Chemie Multi Interior Cleaner, which is perfect for cleaning upholstered seats. You can purchase this from us for just £10.50 by clicking on this link


Our fifth and final mistake that you will definitely want to avoid is washing your van on the grass. Yes, this is definitely something that you probably would never think is a mistake. But, it surprisingly is. The massive problem that comes from washing your van on your grass, is that when you rinse everything off, all the chemicals will go onto the grass. If you have kids or pets, this can be extremely dangerous. It is also very damaging to your grass. Instead, you should always wash your van in a safe place such as your driveway, or somewhere else that has a surface which is safe to do so. 


We hope that all the information we have provided you regarding mistakes that people make when it comes to cleaning their van has been extremely useful and also educational. You can see more common mistakes that people make when it comes to cleaning their vans by taking a look at our other blogs about cleaning.


A clean place is a safe place

And with all the information we have provided you, this safe place will now be easily achievable! If you have any further questions you would like to discuss, you are more than welcome to give us a ring on 01527 359 002 or contact us via our email which is info@wwxvans.co.uk . You can also take a look at our social media platforms on Instagram & Facebook ( wildworx_vans / wildworx )