Best Car Cleaning Kit for your Van

Now, I know what you are thinking. Any car cleaning kit will do the job, right? Well, that is not always the case. As a result of this, here at Wildworx Customs we have decided to create a list of some of the best car cleaning kits that we think will be perfect for you and your vehicle!

Best Car Cleaning Kit

What are they?

In simple words, a car cleaning kit is literally a set of equipment that you can use in order to clean your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to look exemplary, then purchasing a car cleaning kit is definitely the best way to go! However, it is not as simple as just purchasing the first one you see and thinking that specific one will do the job. Car cleaning kits are designed to clean specific things that are on or in your vehicle. For example, your wheels may need a good clean whereas the interior of your vehicle is perfectly fine. So, all you would need to purchase is just a wheel cleaning kit.  Of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase other types of car cleaning kits that may potentially come in handy sometime in the near future. 


Good examples

Before you go and start purchasing car cleaning kits, it is always best to do some research beforehand on what it is exactly that you should be looking out for. So, in order to help you out, we have created a list of a few car cleaning kits that you should definitely consider buying. 


First up, we have the Autosmart Car Cleaning Kit. This specific car cleaning kit is a great value for money and performs significantly well. The Autosmart Car Cleaning Kit is very hard to beat when it comes to car cleaning kits, and always produces consistent results and extremely high quality finishes. 


Next on our list of good car cleaning kits is AutoFinesse cleaning products. Any AutoFinesse car cleaning product that you purchase, will provide really impressive results. They are extremely high in quality, and are perfect for cleaning whatever area of your vehicle that is needed.


We also strongly suggest the Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor for removing any tough stains. It is perfect for keeping your vehicle looking brand new! Not only can the Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor remove stains, but it also simultaneously disinfects them too! All you have to do is spray on to the stain, rub it in with a brush, and then simply remove the excess with a microfibre cloth.


All of these products and their prices are available for you to purchase from us here at Wildworx Customs 


Mistakes people make

What most people don’t realise, is that people still do make mistakes even when it comes to a simple and easy task such as cleaning. However, this is not something for you to worry about. In order to overcome this obstacle, we have decided to list a few things you will most certainly want to keep your eye out for!


The first mistake that people tend to make when it comes to car cleaning kits is to do with what the individual is cleaning the vehicle with. What we mean by this, is that a lot of people think that it will be okay if they clean with paper towels or even their old t-shirts. However, this is definitely something that you are going to want to avoid. With paper towels, you will tend to find that they are quite rough. This means that you could potentially damage any paint on your vehicle. On the other hand, old t-shirts are not a good idea either to use on any paint that is on your vehicle. If it is a t-shirt with printings on it, it could actually act as ‘sandpaper’ to some extent, which will damage the paint. Another problem that an old t-shirt could create, is that it may leave multiple streaks on your vehicle. So in order to solve this issue, it is always best to use a soft microfiber cloth when cleaning your vehicle. 


Another mistake that quite a fair amount of people tend to come across when it comes to cleaning their vehicle, is when they do not clean their windows and windshield properly. This is definitely something that you will 100% want to avoid, as it can be extremely dangerous. Driving with a dirty windshield is obviously something that you should never do, especially when it is dark. So, when it comes to cleaning your vehicle, make sure that you give the windows and windshield ed a very vigorous and detailed clean! 


The third mistake that people make when it comes to cleaning their vehicle, can actually come as a very surprising shock. Taking your vehicle to a car wash can actually do damage to your vehicle. What we mean by this, is that dirt tends to get stuck between the bristles which will result in the paint being damaged. The water pressure can also be a huge problem, as it will push any dirt against the side of the vehicle, resulting in scratching. Even though you may have limited hours in the week, it is still always best to set aside an hour or two in order to clean your vehicle. This obviously only needs to happen every now and again, but cleaning your vehicle by hand using the correct equipment is something that we highly recommend you do. 


If there are any other concerns that you do have relating to any potential mistakes you may make when it comes to cleaning your vehicle correctly, it is always best to ask around. Things such as forums can be extremely useful, especially with topics such as cleaning your vehicle. You are also more than welcome to contact one of us here at Wildworx Customs if you have any questions regarding cleaning mistakes, using the contact information that we have provided down below for you! 


Best examples

Surprisingly, cleaning your vehicle is actually one of the most important tasks that requires a lot of detail. This is because cleaning your vehicle by hand, rather than taking it to a car wash, is a lot more safe for the exterior of the vehicle. As we said above, car washes can actually damage the paint on your vehicle as dirt gets trapped in the bristles. Instead, we strongly suggest that you wash your vehicle by hand to ensure that everything is protected and done correctly. So, if you are confused about which car cleaning kit you should buy exactly, then go ahead and read some of the best examples of car cleaning kits that are available on the market! 


First on the list is the Meguiar's G55032SP Car Care Kit. The shampoo and conditioner in this kit are designed to remove any grime and dirt without harming the vehicle itself. The wax is perfect for achieving the very desirable ‘mirror like’ shine on your vehicle. It also reflects UV rays back, which will protect the vehicle from any fading that may potentially occur. For the interior side of things, the Meguiar’s Car Care Kit is great! 


The next car cleaning kit that is on our list, is the Chemical Guys HOL148 Car Wash Bucket Kit. This car cleaning kit includes products which are perfect for cleaning the tyres on your vehicle. The Honeydew Snow Foam cleaner is great for removing any mud or dirt that may be on your vehicle, whilst reducing any chances of scratches occurring. This car cleaning kit also comes with a branded wheel and rim cleaner gel, which can be safely be used on things such as polished metals, chrome, or even powder-coated exteriors. The Chemical Guys HOL148 Car Wash Bucket Kit also includes a soft touch body brush, which has soft synthetic bristles to ensure that the vehicle can be cleaned without causing any scratches. However, the only issue with this car cleaning kit is that it does not come with any products to use for the interior of your vehicle.  


The third car cleaning kit that is on the list, is the TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning. This specific car cleaning kit is perfect for cleaning both the exterior and interior of your vehicle! The car wash and conditioner removes all the unwanted grime, leaving you with absolutely fabulous results. This car cleaning kit also includes a tyre shine spray in order to keep your wheels looking magnificent. The TriNova Car Wash Kit Complete Detailing Supplies for Cleaning Kit also includes a wash mitt, washing towels, and also a wax buffer. Everything that you will need, is all there!



Now, we know how important that the cost of something is to our customers, so let’s take a look at the cost. When it comes to car cleaning kits, things should be considerably cheap compared to a lot of other things that you may be adding to your vehicle. Car cleaning kits typically range from £10 to around £200. It all depends on what it is that you want. What we mean by this, is that you can purchase certain car cleaning kits for specific parts of your vehicle. So, if it’s a wheel cleaning kit that you want then you will be looking at prices for wheel cleaning kits rather than general cleaning kits. All of the prices of the car cleaning kits are available for you to view on our website 


What we offer here at Wildworx Customs

Here at Wildworx Customs, we are glad to tell you that we have an amazing range of various types of car cleaning kits which are perfect for your vehicle! So if you want to get started on removing any of that grime and muck from whatever part of your vehicle, then you have come to the right place! All of the car cleaning kits that we offer here at Wildworx Customs, are perfect for whatever part of your vehicle that needs cleaning. Everything that we sell relating to car cleaning kits, is available for you to access on our website. As we have stated above previously, all the prices for these car cleaning kits are also available on the website too! 


Whistle while you work

And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place. Now that you have all the useful information that you need, you can now get started on purchasing the perfect car cleaning kit! If there are any further concerns that you do have, you are more than welcome to get into contact with one us here at Wildworx Customs on 01527 359 002 or email us at