What should you buy for your day Van Conversion

Day vans are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Whether you want to use it for a fabulous fishing trip or a day out hiking, day vans are definitely the way to go! However, before you embark on your epic adventure it is best you find out exactly what the best ideas are for your day van conversion. 

What is a day van?

A day van is a vehicle that is commonly used for short trips such as a day out at the beach. They usually include things such as a small fridge, a bed or a bench. These things come in really handy when you want to stay overnight at your favorite fishing place or hiking spot.  You definitely won't have the necessary items that are required to stay for a long period of time, but you will certainly have enough space to bring large items or equipment such as fishing rods or walking sticks!  Day vans can also be used as work vans due to the vast space it offers. This means that you are able to carry all your equipment to the work site and operate out of the back! No matter what you are using the day van for, it will always provide many benefits. 

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What accessories can i add?

There are numerous accessories you can add to your day van. Whether you want roof bars to carry extra luggage and to free up some space within the van or coilovers to give your day van that ‘slammed’ look, accessories will most definitely be advantageous! Firstly, it is best to know exactly what you will be using your day van for. By doing this, it will allow you to pick out the accessories you want and how this will benefit you. One popular accessory people like to purchase are roof bars. This is because they allow you to carry large items such as canoes or kayaks, which is extremely advantageous if you want to keep that large space that is already available in your day van for other objects. It is highly recommended that before you do purchase roof bars that you know exactly what you will be carrying on them so you do not exceed the weight limit for that particular roof bar. If you do not do this, it can possibly cause some complications and potential damage to your van. Another popular accessory people like to add to their day van are coilovers. Coilovers are extremely beneficial when it comes to any type of van. This is because they allow you to adjust the height of your vehicle and reduce body roll. However, it is important to keep in mind that even though coilover kits are reasonably priced, they are most certainly not cheap. There is always the option to choose lowering springs if you want a cheaper option when adjusting the height of your van, but these are not as advantageous as the coilover kits. Both roof bars and coilover kits come with cosmetic benefits by making your day van more visually appealing and personal to you! As a lot of people really care about the look of their van, the attractiveness is definitely important. We can assure you that all the accessories that are available for your day van are both advantageous for practical and cosmetic display reasons. You can view all the accessories we offer here at Wildworx Custom Van Accessories on our website 

What is the difference between a day van and a camper van?

Many people tend to get confused between what a day van is and what a camper van is. Campervans are typically used for trips over a long period of time, whereas a day van is usually used for a day out or as a work van. Of course you can stay overnight in a day van but it most certainly won't be useful for long trips away as it lacks the necessary amenities to do so. Day vans also offer a large availability of space whereas campervans do not. Campervans are also certainly more expensive than day vans, whether they are used or brand new! They also can be very costly when it comes to repairing. If you want to go on lots of long adventures with your friends or family then a campervan is definitely the right choice, but if you want a van for business or a day out then you should choose a day van. 

What safety features should I add to my day van?

As safety is extremely important when it comes to vehicles, it is vital to know exactly what it is you can do to reduce any problems that may be dangerous. Driver and passenger airbags are definitely a must, no matter the vehicle. All the accessories we offer meet safety requirements. For example, the coilover kits that we sell on our website are TUV approved. What this means is that they meet the minimum safety requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act. You can install coilovers and other accessories yourself, but if you do not feel comfortable or trust yourself with this we are more than happy to help! Safety is always the number one priority here at Wildworx and we will ensure that everything in your day van is safe. As you will be the driver, it is important to make sure that everything is maintained to a high standard. It is also recommended to check everything everytime you come to drive your van. This consists of things such as: ensuring all your lights and window wipers are working, all mirrors are safely secured to your vehicle and clean, seatbelts are fully operational and have no faults, making sure all of your tyres are not flat, and the level of all the fluids. 

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Benefits of day vans

Before buying a day van, you are definitely going to want to know the benefits that they come with. The first benefit that they provide is that they are usually cheaper to buy upfront compared to campervans. Secondly, when it comes to repairing, they are usually cheaper to fix. A third benefit day vans come with is that they are considerably easier and more comfortable to drive as they do not weigh as much as campervans; this is definitely something that can be useful to some of those who have never driven a large vehicle before. Even though you might be limited on any long camping adventures, you will definitely find they are a lot cheaper to convert which is something some people prefer. 

How much does a day van conversion cost?

Cost is such a big thing when it comes to buying a van and converting it. However, there is no set price as what your day van consists of and looks like is entirely up to you. So before you come to the decision that you do want to purchase a day van, ask yourself “why do i want a day van?”, “what accessories should i add?” and “what will i be using the day van for?”. By asking yourself these questions, will help make life so much easier when it comes to purchasing a day van. As we have mentioned in the paragraph above, day vans are usually cheaper to fix and tend to be cheaper to buy upfront. By adding any accessories you obviously will increase the overall price, but it definitely will be worth it! There is always the option where you can rent the day van for your trip which is definitely cheaper and sometimes more useful if you don’t think you will be using a day van frequently. 

What we offer here at Wildworx

Here at our workshop in Redditch, we have been converting vans for quite some time now. We have a team of fully qualified professionals who are more than happy to convert your van into a day van and add any accessories that you desire. If a day van conversion is definitely something you are considering, you are more than welcome to contact us about any questions you have and possibly visit our workshop in Redditch to check out our current day van conversions. As we mentioned early on, we also offer accessories that you can add to your van for practical or cosmetic reasons. You can install some of these yourself if this is something you would like to do, or you can take advantage of our team that is available and will assist you.  

Top tips when buying a day van

Top tips are so useful when purchasing any kind of vehicle. The first and most crucial top tip is to set aside a budget. If you do not have a budget then purchasing your day van and accessories can become quite annoying, which is most definitely something you want to avoid. Another tip is to make sure you know exactly what you will be using the day van for and why. By doing this will allow you to: know how much it will cost overall as an average, what accessories you will need or maybe want and how much space will be available to you. We know that purchasing a van can be quite stressful at times, but here at Wildworx we can assure you that everything will be taken care of properly and safely.

Do your research!

Research is such a priority when it comes to purchasing any form of vehicle and accessories. It helps minimise any mistakes that you may make or reduce any additional unneeded stress. By researching, you will know exactly what it is you want for your day van conversion and why. Not only will this make the process a lot quicker, but it will enable you to still continue with your daily life without having to worry about a thing. Here at Wildworx, we recommend you research as much as you can before purchasing anything to make sure you are getting your money's worth. There are multiple videos available on youtube, as well as other websites on google. 

It is time for your adventure...

Your day van conversion awaits! We hope that all the information we have provided has been extremely helpful and beneficial in your crusade on finding out the best ideas for your day van conversion. However, if you do have any questions regarding your conversion please do not hesitate to contact us at 01527 359 002 or via our email which is info@wwxvans.co.uk You can also go and have a look at our social media platforms we have (Facebook - wildworx / Instagram - wildworx_vans)