Vamoose Awning Rail now in stock!

We love the new Vamoose Combi Awning Rail here at Wildworx! We love it so much we’ve installed it loads of times on our own fleet of vans and campervans. This awning rail is pretty smart. It allows any industry standard freestanding awning to be attached safely and securely to your campervan or van. In addition it will act to divert rainwater from the sides of the doors. It can be attached to any Volkswagen VW T5, or T6. The sleek design means when you don’t have your freestanding campervan awning attached to the vehicle you don’t really notice this is on the vehicle. 

Vamoose Awning Rail Wildworx

This means you can purchase any of the fan favourite awnings and attach them seamlessly to your camper van. For most people this is the Fiamma F45S awning. Lots of people use their camper van as their everyday vehicle. So it is very useful being able to attach and detach the awning depending on what you are using the vehicle for. The Vamoose Awning Rail can fit either the short wheel base or the long wheelbase Volkswagen VW T5 or T6.  It also works great on your vans. A few of our customers have installed awnings on their vans so they can use them as day vans or as a base for sport or a hobby! 

Vamoose Awning Rail

Of course it isn’t just the wind out awnings that fit this combi awning rail. You are also able to attach any driveaway awning. Including the very popular Vango Awning Gally. The drive away awnings are great for any campervan conversion. You set up on your campsite and are able to unzip the awning from your campervan. Leaving you free to go and visit the local tourist attractions and return in the evening. So you only have to put the dreaded awning up and take it down once on your trip! These driveaway awnings are great, and can double the usable living space in your campervan conversion. 

The Vamoose Awning rail will work with a variety of different pop top campervan roofs. Here at Wildworx we typically fit the Austops, SCA and Skyline Roof and can safely say it worked really well with each of these elevating roof options. The awning rail can be fit within 5 - 10 minutes with no drilling into your van. Which is great news, as that isn’t for the faint of heart!

This Combi Rail is a combination gutter and awning rail designed specifically for VW T4 & T5 LWB vans. This particular version is for fitting to the LH or RH side of the vehicle and comes with front and rear LH or RH end caps included as part of the kit. Full fitting instructions, screws and 3M adhesive tack (for ease of positioning) are also supplied as standard. The bar is produced from T4 malleable aluminium so has greater flexibility, masking it easier to mould to the vehicle's profile.

You can buy the Vamoose Awning Rail directly from us at Wildworx. Check out the awning rail here

For more information on the Vamoose Awning Rail please get in touch with our campervan expert team. They can help you with any questions you might have about the Vamoose Awning Rail. We are available through Live Chat or phone. Alternatively feel free to visit our workshop in the Midlands.