Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base for your Campervan

How awesome would it be if your double seat in your van, campervan or Kombi could spin 180º? Well, in order for that to happen, you will need to have a Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel installed in your van. To help you out a little more, we have put together some key pieces of information that you will most definitely find useful. 

Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel

What is a Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base?

A swivel base is simply just a connection to allow your chairs in your van to rotate either vertically or horizontally. The Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base fit both the T5 and T6 double passenger seat. The locking bolts on the swivel base are extremely easy to screw and unscrew. They are made in Great Britain, and are also TUV approved and M1 certified. What this means is that the product has been tested for safety, and does meet all standard safety requirements. We highly recommended that you only use crash tested double seat swivel bases, just to ensure that your safety is not compromised. The chances that your unconverted van has a double seat swivel base are very small. Obviously, this may not be the case. But it is just very unlikely that the van would have a double seat swivel base installed. However, if you are not 100% and want to find out, all you have to do is find the extra handle (if there is one obviously) and release it so that you can allow your seat to spin 180º. You can find out more on our other blog which covers double seat swivel bases in general.  


Mistakes that people often make

Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. How do we avoid making them? Well, you just learn from others! But in order to do that, you need to know what the mistakes exactly are. 


The first mistake that a lot of people often make is to do with a lack of preparation and planning beforehand. What we mean by this, is that you will often find people who order the double seat swivel base and as soon as it arrives they just dive straight in and get started. Of course this may not apply to those of you who know exactly what you are doing, and have completed an installation of the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base before. However, if you are sat there reading this, and know that it applies to you, then we strongly suggest that you prepare yourself and plan out everything that you will be doing. This includes things such as ensuring you have all the necessary and essential tools (this is listed in the “Can I Install a Rust Lee Double Seat Swivel Base myself” paragraph).


The next mistake that you will also want to avoid when it comes to double seat swivel bases, is to do with the cost. As we say with a lot of things that we sell here at Wildworx Customs, you will definitely want to set a budget. The exact amount is up to you of course. But this will definitely help guide you when it comes to picking out the perfect and essential products for your van. You will also find that with a budget, you will save a lot more money than you would if you didn’t have one. It can also eliminate any potential mistakes such as spending money on van products that you do not need. When looking at double seat swivels, you would normally expect to be paying between around £310 - £500. Obviously the exact price will depend on numerous different factors, which you can read more about in the paragraph that provides information on the cost of the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Bases. 

Why should I choose the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base?

This question is definitely asked a lot by many of our customers here at Wildworx Customs. Well there are multiple different reasons as to why you should choose the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel base, over any other double seat swivel bases that are available on the market. The first reason being, is that the spring loaded fixings are so much better when you are turning the seat. The spring bolts on the swivel base are also really easy to put back into place, and you will also find that the really smooth white nylon allows for a truly smooth swivel action. The other popular double seat swivel base that is available on the market is the Kiravans Double Seat Swivel Base. This specific type of double seat swivel base will fit your VW T5 or T6, and is great for creating a living space within your van. However, the actual swivel mechanism is very different to what you would normally find as you need to open the side door in order to allow for the full range of movement. This may not be something that you will necessarily like, and it surprisingly puts a lot of people off. It will also only fit your VW T5 or T6, if you still have the original double passenger seats. This specific type of double seat swivel base can only be purchased from the Kiravans website, meaning that it will be difficult to find the same product for a price that is less than £299. You may find one on ebay that is cheaper, but you will definitely want to check all the safety beforehand. 


How much will a Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base cost me?

Cost is more important than quality to some, but quality is actually the best way to reduce the cost. We know how important the cost of products means to some of you, which is why we are going to get straight to the point. The cost of the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base is just £360 here at Wildworx Customs. When it comes to double seat swivel bases, the prices may vary in loads of different places. For example, the brand and where you purchase the double seat swivel base from will definitely have an influence on the price. 


You will also want to take a few things into consideration when it comes to purchasing double seat swivel bases. The first one, is that you should definitely read as much information as you possibly can on the company that you are going to be purchasing the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base from just to make sure that it is a trustworthy and reliable company. Obviously it will be very unlikely that where you will be purchasing the Rusty Lee Double Seat swivel Base from is unreliable, but there is still a chance. The next thing has already been mentioned. Set a budget! Your life will be so much easier if you simply just set aside a budget. You can avoid making multiple mistakes, save money, and also pick out the perfect van products which will benefit you in so many different ways.


Can I install a Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base myself?

Absolutely! As long as you know what you are doing, then you should definitely give it a go. However, before you dive in and get straight to it, you will certainly want to know what equipment you will need. 




  • Ratchet - 17mm and 15mm socket


  • Cable ties


  • Sidecutters


  • Pair of flathead screwdrivers


  • T30 security torx


  • T25 torx


  • 22mm spanner


  • Hacksaw with a metal blade]


When it comes to installing the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base yourself, be sure to remember the mistakes you need to avoid, and also any other factors that we have mentioned previously. Installing the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base, usually requires two people. Obviously, it can be completed by just one individual but it is always recommended to be installed by two people. We also highly recommend that you watch some videos that are available for you to watch on Youtube, just to assist you in this task even more. If you are uncertain about anything, please do not attempt to install the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base. Your safety should always be a number one priority, no matter what DIY job it is that you are completing. If you know that this is something that applies to you personally, then ring up some professional van companies to ask them if they will install the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base for you. 


You may also want some top tips when it comes to installing the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel base yourself. As this is a DIY task, any type of tip will be extremely handy to have and it is definitely worth finding out as many as you can!


The first one we suggest is get started on watching youtube videos. Youtube is such a useful platform for many DIY van tasks, and some creators are really good at showing viewers exactly how the job is done. Some even provide their own tips throughout the video, which is an added bonus! If it is the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base that you are going to be purchasing, be sure to watch videos that show you how to install that specific type of swivel base. Also, rather than just watching one, watch as many as you can! 


Another tip that you should definitely take into consideration, is always test the swivel base after you have installed it. By doing this  it will allow you to see if you have made any errors during the installation, which will then enable you to hopefully fix these issues. If these issues cannot be fixed by yourself, then you may need to call up a professional and see if they can solve the problem for you. This will most likely cost you a small fee, but it will definitely be worth it. After all, you wouldn’t want a useless swivel base installed in your van.


What we offer here at Wildworx Customs

As we have said previously, we do sell the Rusty Lee Double Seat Swivel Base here at Wildworx for just £360.