How to carpet your campervan

If you are reading this blog on Campervan Carpet then you are at the right place! We have 15 years of industry experience and we have all the tips and tricks for you to carpet your campervan easily without any hassle. If you came here to read about it and see if it is suitable for your campervan, van or kombi then look no further as this comprehensive guide will make your mind up for sure! After reading this blog and you are still indecisive then why not give our technicians at Alcester workshop a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you out. 

A bit more about the famous Four Way Stretch Carpet 

Here at Wildworx, we only use Four way stretch carpet as your Campervan Carpet. This is because it’s the most pliable and stretchiest carpet with a soft feel touch. It is very flexible and pliable, which means trying to carpet around the wheel arches and windows is not a problem anymore! This actually makes it super simple and the job can be done easier. The great thing is even when you stretch it a lot the fibers will not shred compared to other lower quality carpets. A common approach with campervan conversions is to carpet the walls and ceiling of the van first then move onto the wheel arches and around the windows. This helps with insulation too - who knew, ayy?

Campervan 4 way stretch carpet

How to fit it?

As everyone always says, preparation is key! If you are not prepared then it can get difficult and become quite a lengthy job, as you’ll be always looking for the right tool or worried you are doing it wrong. You will either receive a roll of Campervan Carpet or multiple rolls. Either way no problem! In short, the carpet is glued on with a spray adhesive, we’ll start with the ceiling, then walls, then wheel arches and around the windows and lastly the walls. 

Roll out your Campervan Carpet and get your high temperature spray adhesive, make sure you have enough. The worst feeling is when you’ve run out and can’t source it quickly and have to leave the job for the next day or week haha! Make sure to use masking tape to mask up areas of the ceiling around the sides, rear and front doors to avoid overspraying where you don’t need to. We definitely recommend covering up the seats, if you still have them in the van as getting rid of glue from fabric is really hard! For health & safety measures, use a good quality vapor mask and goggles. 

Let’s begin fitting your Campervan Carpet. We advise carpeting the base of your pop top roof bed (plywood). Place the plywood on the Campervan Carpet and cut out around it but leaving 3 inches of each side for overhang. Then you can move onto the ceiling of your campervan, van or kombi. Cut out the required size of the Campervan Carpet for the ceiling and then apply a generous amount of high temperature spray adhesive onto the area and then at the back of the carpet. When spraying the adhesive overlay the spray lines with an even coat to avoid bare patches. Leave the adhesive to dry for about 5 minutes or until it’s touch dry and then you are ready to apply it to the ceiling. If you are doing this DIY challenge on your own then place yourself in the middle of the Campervan Carpet while holding it above you and then step into your campervan keeping yourself in a  straight line and stick the middle of the carpet to the ceiling and then patch down the from the middle to the sides. Once done, don’t forget to trim the excess Campervan Carpet off - use the Stanley Knife! 

Next up we have the wheel arches and around the windows. So these are a bit more trickier but as we are using the famous stretchy and pliable Campervan Carpet then we’ll have no problem to complete this! As previously, cut out the required size for the wheel arches. Start by spraying the wheel arches with spray adhesive and the back of the carpet too. Then leave it to set until it pat dry - same as before! Easy isn’t it? You’ll be a pro by the time you are done. When you are placing the carpet onto the wheel arches start in the middle and then start stretching and pulling them outwards to cover all the curves. It can be tricky but it will only get easier once you get to the second wheel arch! As before we will trim the excess of the carpet to not leave it hanging. When lining the Campervan Carpet around the window, cut out a large cross within the window space, this will allow the carpet to be easily moulded into the window shape. Lastly, we will spray the adhesive on the walls as we have with the ceiling and then apply spray adhesive on the back of the carpet too. Leave it to drive for 5 minutes or until it's pat dry. After this we can pick up the carpet with a fold in the middle and press it gently against the walls. Don’t forget to trim the excess! 


See ya later!

We hope that all of this information regarding Campervan Carpet has been extremely helpful in some way. We also wish to see you one day here at Wildworx in order to get started on your very own carpeting journey! However, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us. You can either give us a call on 01527 359 002 or email us