Four way stretch carpet for your campervan, kombi or van

What is it?

As you can tell by the name a Four way stretch carpet is a type of lining carpet that’s the most pliable and stretchiest with a soft feel and reasonably thick thickness. Because of this it’s really easy to use compared to other lining carpets on the market. As it’s a four way stretch product, this makes it super stretchy, flexible and very mouldable to use for van conversions. What makes it even better is that even in the most difficult areas such as around the windows and wheel arches it becomes super easy to line and saves you a lot of time trying to get cut edges to match perfectly! Most suppliers offer Four way stretch carpet different types of colours, such as black, dark blue and smokey grey. 

Four Way Stretch Carpet

How to fit it?

Preparation to use the four way stretch carpet is the key for the job, as it can be tricky! The carpet is glued on with a high temperature spray adhesive, so be sure to have enough. Having extra glue is always better than less. Make sure to mask up areas of the ceiling around the sides, rear and front doors too to avoid overspraying. Be sure to cover up any areas in the van, such as front seats to not get any spray on them. For your own personal health and safety we recommend using a good quality vapor mask (that you would usually use for painting) and goggles. Firstly, we would advise lining the ceiling or the plywood that is used as the base of your pop top roof. Cut out the required size leaving at least 3 inches on each side for overhang. Inside the van spray the area with a motion of side to side, keeping the spray an even distance away from the surface when being sprayed. Overlay the spray lines to get an even coat to avoid bare patches. Repeat this technique on the back of the carpet. Leave it to dry for about 5 minutes when it becomes touch dry. Get someone to help you (or try it by yourself, if you like a challenge) to pick up the carpet creating a fold in the middle and carry it over to the rear inside of the van while trying not to crease the carpet. Centreline the carpet against the ceiling and gently run your hand along the fold towards the front end of the van. Use a wooden board to flatten the carpet without getting creases. It helps to position yourself right in the middle. Repeat this process until the carpet is in place. Don’t forget to trim the excess carpet, a stanley knife is your best friend here!


As with any DIY job, the more you do it the better you get! Next up we have the wheel arches. These are not as difficult to carpet line as they may seem. Cut out the required carpet size for wheel arches. Start by spraying the wheel arch with glue adhesive and the same with the back of the lining carpet, like we have explained earlier on. Place the carpet onto the wheel arch in the middle and at this point start stretching it out and pulling it round all the curves. It can be a bit difficult but once you get to the second wheel arch you’ll get the hang of it. Don’t forget to trim the excess carpet at the end. Lastly, spray the glue adhesive to the sides as you have with the ceiling. Leave it to dry for 5 minutes until it is touch dry. It’s the same process as previously. Pick up the carpet lining with a fold in the middle and walk into the van from the rear. Position the carpet from the top overlapping the ceiling a little bit (you will trim this off at a later stage). Once you are happy, you can start gently pushing the carpet onto the sides and press into the contours of the window reveal. Just a little tip, when the carpet lining is around the window, cut out a large cross within the window space. This will allow the carpet to be easily moulded into the window reveal shape. 



Here we have listed approximate measurements of how much four way stretch carpet you may need (These are also recommendations from our supplier):


LWB Van including roof: 15 metres x 2 metres

SWB Van including roof: 12 metres x 2 metres


SWB VW Caddy including roof: 8 metres x 2 metres

VW Caddy Maxi including roof: 10 metres x 2 metres



The common approach with van conversions is to carpet the walls and ceiling with four way stretch carpet. This makes the van look smart and gives you the home-like feel. It also helps with insulation and deadening the sound vibrations. 

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See ya later!

We hope that all of this information regarding VW transporter conversions has been extremely helpful in some way. We also wish to see you one day here at Wildworx in order to get started on your very own VW transporter conversion! However, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us. You can either give us a call on 01527 359 002 or email us