Converting your campervan with accessories and parts

Looking to find a customising shop for your van? Well you have come to the right place. Here at Wildworx we are more than happy to help you achieve the perfect van! Not only do we offer a range of different accessories that you can add to your van, but we also do amazing van conversions. So whether it’s a campervan conversion you want or simply just some side bars fitted, our team of fully qualified professionals will get straight to it.

What is a van customisation?

You are most definitely going to want to have some form of basic knowledge on this topic before you dive in deeper. A van customisation is where a van of your choice is modified to fit a particular purpose. This can either be a van conversion or just a few accessories to help enhance your van. Whatever it is you want done to your van, we are more than happy to complete it for you here at our workshop in Wildworx. You can also just purchase the items from our shop, if that is something you would prefer to do. If this is something that does interest you, then take a look at what we have to offer for your van conversion on our website. 

Can I customise any van?

Of course you can! As long as your van is in great condition, you can achieve anything. If you are using a second hand vehicle or the one that you are currently using, we highly recommend you get any scratches or dents fixed before getting any work done. But as soon as your van is in perfect shape, then it’s time to start customising it! There are multiple different options that are available for you to choose from, and here at Wildworx we are more than happy to assist you in designing your dream van. 

What accessories can I add to my van?

There are loads of different accessories that are available to add to your van. Whether it’s side bars you want for easier access or a pop top roof to give you that extra head room for a more comfortable trip, here at Wildworx we have you covered. Before you start purchasing anything, it is strongly recommended that you know exactly what it is you are using the van for, how frequent you will be using it, who will be travelling with you, and why you want it. By doing this, you will have a clear goal of what it is you want to achieve! One of our popular accessories people like to purchase are alloy wheels. They are definitely worth the purchase and come with numerous different advantages. One of the main benefits alloy wheels provide is a quicker acceleration and the ability to stop faster. They also contribute a lot to the display of your van and make it 10x more visually appealing.  We have a range of alloy wheels you can purchase on our website

Another accessory that is available to add to your van are roof bars. Looking to take an extra load of luggage but fear there won’t be enough room within the van? Roof bars are the perfect solution. Not only do they improve the attractiveness of your van, but they also allow for extra luggage and large items such as kayaks to be taken on your journey. Even if you aren’t looking to take these things, you can still get some benefits from roof bars. One of these being that you will be able to free up some space within the van so you can have things such as more leg room to make your adventure a lot more comfortable. If you are looking to enhance your roof bars as well, you can purchase wind deflectors to reduce noise when travelling.

A third popular accessory that is available here at Wildworx is side bars. If you are going to be taking smaller children or people who may struggle accessing a van, you should totally consider purchasing side bars. Having an easy and comfortable access into your van is definitely going to make your adventure a lot less stressful. You can also add non-slip pads to the side bars so that if you do experience wet weather, your entrance will be a lot more safer. 

How much would a van conversion cost me?

The cost of things is such an important aspect for a lot of people. Ideally, it is best to have some sort of budget in your mind so you have a rough idea on how much you want to spend. However, the actual overall cost of a van conversion entirely depends on what it is you want exactly. What we mean by this is that the type of van conversion you have or the accessories you add really determine the price tag. Of course there is always the option where you can either rent out a van for a period of time or simply just buy a second hand one to convert. Another cheap option you can go for is to do the conversion yourself. This however, will definitely take time and requires a lot of dedication. You will also want to be educated on the subject as well as you can to avoid any potential unsafe complications that may occur.  

What about safety?

Safety is always a number one priority here at Wildworx, and we can assure you that everything we complete or sell meets safety requirements and is extremely reliable. It is so important to make sure that everything you purchase for your van is safe and meets all the needed requirements to prevent any dangerous accidents. Even if it is just a simple accessory that you are adding, it is vital that you check everything beforehand. So if the safety of things is something that tends to play on your mind, there is no need to worry as you are in safe hands. 

What we offer here at Wildworx

We have been customising vans here at Wildworx in Redditch for quite some time now. Our team of trained professionals will happily assist you in whatever it is you would like for your van. From van conversions to basic accessories, everything you will need you can find here at Wildworx.  You can also take a look at our social media platforms on both Facebook and Instagram (Facebook - wildworx / Instagram - wildworx_vans) 

Do your homework!

It will always put you in a better position if you do a little bit of your own research. You can easily eliminate many avoidable mistakes and make the process a lot more smoother if you have some sort of basic idea of what you want.  Researching can also help reduce any unwanted stress and potentially reduce the overall time of the process. You can easily access other websites and watch many different videos on Youtube to help assist you. Also, you are more than welcome to get in contact with us here at Wildworx if you do have any questions regarding your van customisation. 


No matter what you are doing, there is always the possibility of making a mistake.  Whether it is big or small, you are definitely going to want to avoid making any.  A major mistake you will certainly want to avoid is making the wrong choice when you pick the van customising shop. It is always best to read reviews and other aspects to ensure that what you are paying for is to a good standard and 100% safe and efficient.  You should also take every opportunity you can to go and view things the shop others in person so you are aware exactly what it is you are getting. Another mistake you want to avoid with anything related to van customisation is spending unnecessary money. All the accessories that are available to you may seem ‘cool’ at first, but you should definitely research them as best as you can so you can decide whether it will be worth the investment or not. 

Top tips!

When looking to find a van customising shop, it may be handy if you have some easy tips to ensure you are getting your money's worth.  Firstly, we suggest that you do as much research as possible so you are aware of what it is you are purchasing. Secondly, it is best if you have some form of a budget to avoid buying necessities that aren’t essential. A third tip is that you really look into the shop in a lot of depth to make sure they are very trustworthy and reliable. 

What if I want to customise my van myself?

As we have said previously, if you are capable of customising a van yourself then you should totally consider doing it! Obviously you will need all the correct tools and items to add to your van (some of which you can purchase on our website). We also strongly suggest that you plan as much as you can beforehand and know exactly what it is you are doing to avoid any mistakes that may be costly to have fixed professionally. Another thing to keep in mind when you are completing the job yourself is measurements. It would be very disappointing and irritating if you order something that is the incorrect size and then have to wait again for the correct size to arrive. However, you can easily avoid this by simply making a record of the measurements of everything that will be involved in the process. Of course you don’t have to go for this option, but if it is something that does interest you and you know that you will be able to complete the job, then definitely consider giving it a go! 

Our location

We are located just outside of Redditch on Dagnell End Road, B98 9BA. If you are currently living in the Midlands, or even just outside, then where our 10,000 square foot workshop is situated will be extremely ideal for you. Not only is it great to have a van customising shop near you, but to be in a location where you can easily explore hundreds of different beautiful locations is so advantageous. However if you do worry that you are a bit too far away, we can assure you that the long trip you make will be worth every mile! 

Be on your way!

With all the information we have provided, you now know how to find the perfect van customising shop. We wish to see you here  at Wildworx sometime soon to help assist you with your van. If you have any further questions regarding what we do here at Wildworx, then do not hesitate to contact us at 01527 359 002 or via our email