12V Campervan Fridge for your van kombi or campervan

What better way to cool your food and drinks in your campervan, than by purchasing a 12V Campervan Fridge. However, before you just dive right in and start purchasing, you will definitely need as much information regarding 12V Fridges. So because of this, we have decided to help you out a little bit by providing you with information that will come in really handy. 

12v campervan fridge

What are 12V fridges?

By having a fridge in your campervan, you will be able to easily store fresh food and drinks, such as vegetables, alcohol, and also meat. Compressor fridges are one of the most popular and common fridges that you will find in a campervan. They are designed for use in large vehicles, such as campervans, whilst having both the efficiency and durability in mind. You are more than welcome to check out other types of fridges that are available for your campervan on the market, but we highly recommend investing in just compressor fridges for your campervan. Compressor fridges come in many different designs such as chest-style, dual zone fridge or freezers, and also upright. However, as amazing as compressor fridges are, the only downside is that they are not cheap. 


How do they work?

When it comes to your 12V fridge for your campervan, there are three parts of the fridge that you must know. The first part is the compressor. The purpose of the compressor is to increase both the temperature and the pressure to very high levels, so that the refrigerant can condense by declining the heat through the condenser. The second part of the fridge that you need to know is the condenser. The purpose of the condenser is to literally condense the gas into a liquid through cooling. The third part of the fridge is the expansion valve. The expansion valve removes pressure from the refrigerant liquid in order to allow it to expand. If you want to go into even more detail on how 12V fridges work, we definitely suggest checking out youtube videos, as they are a great way of educating you on how 12V fridges work. You may even be lucky and find a video which provides you with some top tips on 12V fridges, or even any other types of campervan fridges. 

12v Campervan Fridge for your campervan or van

Do you really need a fridge in your campervan?

It only makes sense to have a fridge in your campervan. Whether it is just a few days or even a week that you will be staying in your campervan for, you definitely will want a fridge in order to cool your drinks or food. You really do not want to have any of your food spoiled whilst you're away, or a drink that isn’t nice and cold. So we definitely recommend that you do install a fridge into your campervan. 


Mistakes people make when it comes to campervan fridges

Aargh, mistakes! How do you avoid making them? Well, it is actually really simple. Learn from others! When it comes to your campervan, you really want to be in a position where you can easily avoid making any sort of mistake; whether it is big or small. So all you have to do is take some time out of your day and research as much as possible on what mistakes people make when it comes to campervan fridges. 


The measurements! That is the first common mistake that surprisingly a lot of people make. You cannot invest in a campervan fridge if you do not know the dimensions of your campervan and the fridge that you are purchasing. The really easy way to avoid making this mistake, is to measure. All you need is a measuring tape, pencil, and paper, and you are ready to go! Measuring does not take much of your time, but it is really important that you do it. So, instead of just diving straight in and buying the first compressor fridge you see, make sure you have all your measurements ready to go! 


The next mistake you are definitely going to want to avoid is relating to the financial side of things. When it comes to campervan fridges, especially compressor ones, there is a very large and obvious price range. Because of this, we strongly suggest that you do set a budget for your campervan fridge. Many people fail to do this, and actually find themselves in a position where they have either spent too much money on a compressor fridge, or that they have spent too little and the quality of the compressor fridge is very poor. All you have to do to avoid making this mistake is set a budget which you know will get you what you need. You may even be in for a treat, and find that you have found the perfect compressor fridge for your campervan, and still have some extra money leftover to spend on something else! 



Yes, campervan fridges may not be cheap. But, it will definitely help you save a lot of money by cooking your own meals. 12V fridges are definitely going to be one of your most expensive buys when it comes to what you are going to put into your campervan, meaning that you will really want to carefully and meticulously pick a fridge that will suit all your needs. Because compressor fridges can be quite expensive, we strongly suggest you create a budget. You will find when you are looking for campervan compressor fridges, that there is quite a large range between the low and high end brands. So, if you have set a budget which won’t allow you to purchase a high-end compressor fridge, then we suggest that you only look at the low-end compressor fridges. However, if you have a low budget but are going to be using your campervan often, we highly recommend that you go over your budget slightly and do purchase a highly quality compressor fridge. When you are looking at the price range of compressor fridges, you are looking between £250 to £2000. As you can see, the price range varies massively, showing that you really do need to look around before you settle on a specific compressor fridge. 


Dimensions & Weight

This is such an important factor that a lot of people do not take into account when it comes to campervan fridges. If you already have a rough idea in your mind as to where you want to put your 12V fridge, you will definitely want to look at the dimensions and weight of the fridge you are looking at buying. Some brands will have fridges that are taller, while other brands will have fridges that are wider. Just make sure that you take measurements beforehand, and then look at both the dimension and weight, to ensure that you are getting the correct size for your campervan. 


Advantages of compressor fridges

Before you start purchasing, you will also want to be aware of what benefits come with compressor fridges. First of all, compressor fridges are really easy to install into your campervan. Secondly, compressor fridges have quite a low energy consumption. Compressor fridges can also be powered by either a solar panel or leisure battery 



First up, the Dometic line of 12V fridges are great for installing into your campervan. They will keep all your food and drinks cold, whilst consuming a very low amount of power. The Dometic 12V fridges also have some pretty cool features which other types of 12V fridges don’t have, that may interest you!


ARB’s Portable 12V Fridge/Freezers are another great type of 12V fridge that is available for you to install into your campervan. They are amazing when it comes to both efficiency and durability, and are definitely worth taking a look at!


Three way fridges are also great fridges for your campervan as your gas supply can keep it running. This is great news for those of you who do not have a solar panel. Another great advantage is that these fridges are completely silent.



You should always ensure that your safety is always the first priority, when it comes to campervan fridges. Here at Wildworx Customs, you will be happy to know that everything we sell here meets all of the standard safety requirements needed so that you and your party are safe at all times. 


What we offer here at Wildworx Customs

Here at Wildworx Customs we offer the WAECO Dometic CRX50 Compressor 12V Fridge. The WAECO Dometic CRX50 Compressor 12V Fridge is a built-in fridge, with a very low energy consumption. It also has a removable freezer compartment meaning that, with this flexible use of space, you can either use it as just a fridge, a freezer, or a combination of a fridge and a freezer. The WAECO Dometic CRX50 Compressor 12V Fridge has a soft touch control panel, 2 stage battery protection, and also 5 different temperature settings. It also has a 2 year warranty, and consumes approximately 40 watts of power. Buy a 12v campervan fridge now.



DIY jobs are not always easy, especially when it comes to campervans. However, if you are more than happy to install the 12V fridge into your campervan, then there is nothing stopping you from doing it! We do suggest that you make sure that you have all the equipment you will need, and also that you plan and measure everything beforehand in order to avoid any unwanted complications. Many people prefer to install campervan fridges themselves in order to save some money. But, if you are not comfortable fitting the campervan fridge yourself, or don’t have the time to do it, then getting a professional company to install it for you is definitely the best option to go for. You may potentially have to pay a small fee, unless the company is willing to do it for free, but this would not be much so do not worry. Just make sure that you are happy that the company will complete the job to your standards! 


Why is it so cold?

Well, it is time to get even colder! Now that you have all the information that you could possibly need for 12V fridges, and other types of campervan fridges too, you can now get started on finding out which fridge is best for you and your campervan. However, if you do have any more questions or things that you would like to discuss, we are more than happy to help you. All you have to do is either call us on 01527 359 002 or contact us via our email which is info@wwxvans.co.uk . We wish you the very best!